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Meet Our Team

We're proud of our talented and dedicated team. Get to know us better!

Our Team

We have an exceptional team at TaxTaker helping startups extend their runway.

Ari Salafia

Founder & CEO

Matt Bechtold

Head of R&D Tax Services

Austen Legler

Head of Partnerships

Patrick Baxter

Head of Sales

Rogelio Salomon

Software Engineer

Grant Noce

Tax Specialist

Maggie Hensley

Customer Success Manager

Abby Abragan

Executive Assistant

Julia Rodrigues

Marketing Intern

Our Values

TaxTaker’s on a mission to help small and medium businesses grow. Companies work with us to get access to billions of dollars in alternative funding each year. Customers love us. We have good momentum. And we’re getting better everyday.

Humble Hustler

We’re go-getters that do (almost) anything to get the job done right. Pleasing customers is a must. So is having fun. We try new ways to serve. We’re scrappy. People tell us we’re trustworthy and down to earth. Self-awareness is important. So is being respectful to ourselves and others. We share the credit and shoulder the responsibility.

Accountable Asset

We’re responsible for our actions. We have self-discipline and governance to get things done in a timely manner. We expect people to do what they commit to. Everyone is an essential part of the value we provide customers. Autonomy equals trust. That’s why every individual must use good judgment.

Lifelong Learner

Personal and professional growth is paramount. We are a curious bunch always improving and expanding our minds. We welcome new ideas. The status quo is not accepted here. We do things differently. We break things. We try to make them better. We like learn-it-alls, not know-it-alls.

Intelligent & Impactful

Intelligence matters. So does impact. Our aptitude for execution is within the top percentile. Our bar is set high. We believe that power comes from sharing knowledge, not hoarding it. Results matter most. They are how we measure impact.

Serve Before Self

Customers always come first. We value people who understand this. Our kindness is never mistaken for weakness. Instead, it’s our super strength. Empathy and relationship awareness provides a powerful competitive advantage. They help us win. They fuel our thought process. Being customer first means asking ourselves, “what’s in it for them?” when making decisions.

Energy Giver

Energy vampires are exhausting. They’re not welcomed here. Instead, we try to produce positive energy on a daily basis, even on a bad day. We know customers are burdened with stressors that have little to do with us. That’s okay. We show up with a smile and get our work done without taking negative attitudes personally.

Fast & Furious

Speed matters. It helps us move quickly and urgently. We recognize some decisions create better value faster than others. We like short feedback cycles and iteration. We like to experiment before making investments. We like moving fast. We want you to move fast too.

Life at TaxTaker