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Project owners, government, and tax-exempt organizations are eligible for the energy investment tax credits for installing qualified energy property and can receive a base credit worth 30% of the project cost.

What is the Investment Tax Credit (ITC)?

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is designed to incentivize the installation of renewable energy property by allowing taxpayers to claim a federal credit. In addition, government and tax-exempt organizations can benefit through the elective pay program.

Eligible Energy Property

Solar Property

Geothermal Property

Small Wind Energy Property

Waste Energy Recovery Property

Energy and Thermal Storage Technology

Biogas Property

Microgrid Controllers

Combined Heat and Power Technology

Advantages of the ITC:

  • Financial savings at the completion of the project
  • 30% base credit for property under 1 MW or meeting prevailing wage & apprenticeship requirements
  • Up to 10% add-on credits for projects that meet domestic content, energy community, or low income community requirements
  • Elective Pay (Direct Pay) for government and tax-exempt organizations
  • Eligible property reclassified to 5-year MACRS depreciation
  • Credits can be transferred or sold

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