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The R&D Tax Credit Program

The Research and Development Tax Credit is our government's way of encouraging and rewarding US companies for innovating and building products and technologies.

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Get credit for your innovation every year.

The R&D Tax Credit is the #1 government-funded program for growing businesses. Best of all, you can count on it every year. The IRS doles out over $30B every yearecure your piece of the pie now!

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R&D Tax Credit Calculation Example

B2B SaaS Company
6 FT Software engineers
1 US contractor
2023 Payroll = $783,110
Contractor = $45,000
AWS costs = $7,800

R&D Tax Credit $82,240

2024 headcount increases to 10
2024 payroll = $1,321,342
Payroll Taxes = $73,470

Payroll Taxes eliminated: 100%

Every Startup can be eligible for annually. Not a Startup? No cap!
$30 Billion
Billion will be claimed in the US this year
Get ROI on every development dollar spent
What our clients say about us
“Working with TaxTaker was so easy! We now incorporate the R&D tax credit into our plan every year. We can count on TaxTaker to make it happen for us. I highly recommend the service.”
“Being a science-based company we have a lot of R&D expenses and working with TaxTaker was absolute peace of mind ensuring that we take advantage of all R&D Tax Credits available to us.”
"As a founder and CEO of a start-up, my bandwidth is limited but cash is king. I appreciate that TaxTaker makes the tax credit process simple and low maintenance. The payroll integration is a great service and the platform is quick and easy. It's great to access the credit and manage cash flow."
"A delight to work with. As a startup that needs every federal dollar possible, they've made the R&D tax credit process painless and simple to get. Plus, they found me an extra 40k with the Employee Retention Credit, which came at pivotal time in the business. They know their stuff!"

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