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Extend your runway with R&D Tax Credits

Startups leverage TaxTaker to eliminate payroll taxes up to $250,000 a year.

Cash at your fingertips

Maximize Benefits
Accountant approved
Plan for growth

By automating the way R&D tax claims are prepared, our software allows you to maximize every dollar you’re owed, saving you time and money.

You don’t need to be a tax expert.

Our workflows are easy to understand and thoughtfully guide you through the entire claim process, start to finish.

When you take advantage of R&D credits, your startup can better forecast for the future and make smart growth plans now.

The R&D Tax Credit:

The #1 source of non-dilutive capital for your business

The R&D credit is the government's way of rewarding innovative companies for their investments in employees and activities. Startups can now utilize the credit to offset up to $250,000 in payroll taxes, regardless of profitability!

We make it simple to prepare your R&D claim.

TaxTaker securely syncs with your data to capture and maximize the dollars you're entitled to.

We also offer private-label licenses for CPA firms. Built by experienced CPAs* and subject-matter experts, our technology is a powerfully accurate alternative to the standard R&D study model, helping clients save time and maximize tax benefits.

Key benefits of working with TaxTaker


We are already familiar with your existing tech-stack. Plus, our technology doesn't stop at the R&D tax credit.  Once you're a client, we offer unique insights into other business savings opportunities available, optimizing your bottom-line even further.

Team members you can count on

Our high-quality studies are supported by tenured subject-matter experts so you can trust that your claims are compliant with the latest in tax legislation and guidance. We know that every startup and accountant has different needs and targeted goals and we are here all year long to answer and serve your requirements. Consider us an extension of your team. 

Transparency always

We stay up to date on all legislative developments so you don’t waste time and energy trying to make sense of all the accounting complexities surrounding the credit.  We work with your existing team to ensure everyone understands the benefits and the results of your claim.  

Trusted partner 

We have poured over twenty years of expertise into our technology so that you save time and aren't up against a steep learning curve and our software is continually learning and responding to our clients' projects and requests.  Whether this is your first study or you're a veteran, TaxTaker software and built-in support serves as your back office specialty tax practice.

Founders save more with TaxTaker

It's like we are a part of your team.

Work with an accountant?

Great!  We will make sure they are included and have the visibility they need on your project. 

Need accounting help?

We got you! We have dozens of CPA partners we can introduce you to for your tax filing needs.

Have clients you'd like to work on with us?

Awesome! Join our partner program to manage all your clients projects.


Truly flat-fee, every time.  

Our flat-fee pricing means you know what you pay at the outset of every project, every year.

Plus, you're always locked into our "no credit, no fee" guarantee.


Starting at $1500 per claim


Custom Project Dashboard

On-boarding & Support from Expert Accountants and Engineers


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Substantiated Report

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