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Why TaxTaker

Vetted experts

Our seasoned tax and financing experts make sure you get the maximum amount of money you’re due every year and you don’t have to change a thing about your existing financial partners or software stack. That means you keep your Accountant/CFO/quickbooks and you get more money on top of what they already are finding you!

Quick & easy funding

Unlike traditional accounting shops or banks, our qualification and underwriting decisioning takes minutes or days (depending on your schedule). We’ll tell you if you’re a fit for our offerings or not fast, because time is money and you should save both.

Zero-Risk Pricing

Simply put, you don’t pay a dime unless we get you money, period.


The R&D Tax
Credit Program

The R&D Tax Credit is our government's way of encouraging and rewarding US companies to continue innovating and building products and technologies through tax incentives. It's recently become the #1 government-funded program for early stage startups and small businesses, as you don't have to wait to become profitable to start claiming the benefits!

The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) plans to dole out $148 Billion to US businesses of all sizes and industries by 2026. Secure your piece of the pie now!

Here’s how you get your cash


Create an account (always free) to get started. You can also invite any team members or your CPA to help. We also have a dedicated Partner portal if you assist more than one company.

Connect Your Financials

You don’t have to create any new documents, just connect or upload your existing financial info and we put together the rest.

Tell Us About Your Company

Tell our team about your projects so we can put together the paperwork for you to get your cash

Get the Money You’re Owed

Sit back, relax, and watch the money roll in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

Talk to an expert. No hard sell, ever. We only want to work with you if it's a fit.

What is a tax credit?

Simply put, a tax deduction lowers your taxable income for the year, while a tax credit gives you a dollar-for-dollar reduction of the actual taxes you owe. Both can save you some serious cash, but a tax credit is more meaningful.

An easy way to remember the difference is to think about a tax deduction like a promo code and a tax credit like a gift card to your favorite store. Both will reduce how much you owe, but generally a gift card will eliminate your bill completely.

When should I be claiming tax credits?

Early and often! Certain tax credits like Research & Development Tax Credits are available to companies annually, for the life of their business!

However, it’s imperative that you take a look before you file your tax return every year, because if you file without them you could miss out on them forever.

Other programs like the Employee Retention credit, do have a shelf-life, and are here today gone tomorrow, so don’t be the company missing out on tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What are QREs under the R&D Credit?

Qualified research expenses (QREs) are expenses that a business incurs in conducting qualified research under the R&D Credit. QREs include:

  • Certain amounts paid for supplies (think prototypes, or materials used before commercialization)
  • Wages paid to employees who engage in qualified research or those who directly supervise or support your employees
  • Amounts paid to third parties (aka 1099s) who are under contract to perform R&D activities
I’m an early-stage Startup/not profitable. Am I eligible?

Financially savvy businesses are leveraging tax credits like the R&D tax credit and Employee Retention Credit to save a ton of money even though they are not yet profitable.

There are special provisions in the tax code that allow for Startup companies to benefit from these programs even if they are operating in losses or are pre-revenue.

For the R&D Tax Credit, employers can use their credits as a Payroll Tax Offset, effectively eliminating 6.2% of their annual operating expenses. That's $62,000 for an average Seed-stage startup!

Why doesn’t my CPA just do this for me?

Most accounting firms are not able to be specialists in every facet of the tax code nor should we expect them to know and keep up with the legislative updates and particulars for every single client and industry.

It would be like expecting your General Practitioner to also be versed in Cardiology and Orthopedics. They may very well know the signs that you need help in these areas, but aren’t equipped to tackle them.

That’s why TaxTaker partners with accounting firms and fractional CFO shops all across the country, so you don’t have to change a thing. We come in to tackle these tax “specialities” and you continue to work with your other trusted providers. We're all on the same team!

How does TaxTaker make money?

We operate on a success-based model, meaning you’ll only ever see a fee from us, IF we are certain you qualify for the programs we specialize in AND actually stand to get money back.

We not only make sure you are a fit for every given program, but we also make sure it's worth your time and ours.

For R&D Tax Credits, we charge 2% on your annual qualified expenditures. This keeps our fee not only competitive, but commensurate to the size of your business and how much will need to be documented. This roughly equates to  20% of what we get your company back every year and have a track-record of finding our clients 50% more money than our competitors.

What’s the difference between TaxTaker and your competitors?

Our competitors range from legacy accounting firms that have a specialist in-house to VC-backed software companies.  All are designed to qualify your company for applicable credits and find you the most money available.  

Legacy providers are generally slower, more expensive, and focused on their biggest clients, meaning your small business often gets overlooked. On the other side, software providers can often make flimsy claims or mis-calculate findings.  Too little credit or credit that is not yours are equally not wise!

TaxTaker has differentiated ourselves with a “high tech, high touch” approach to win for our clients.  This means that our experts have invested in building technology and systems that make our processes efficient, but place a heavy emphasis on customer experience.  This enables us to maximize our client results, while also being cognizant of our client’s other priorities and bandwidth.