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TaxTaker Partners with!

TaxTaker Partners with!

Fellow startups, you're in good company!

TaxTaker is excited to announce that we've joined forces with the Republic community as their exclusive provider for helping Startups with non-dilutive tax savings.

What is Republic?

Republic is an innovative investing platform that curates growth opportunities for all sides of the investment market. Private companies can raise funds through both accredited, and non-accredited investors seeking high-growth-potential investments, giving them the opportunity to support amazing startup initiatives in a critical time in their growth.

Republic is unique in that it fosters connections between investors and hundreds of startups, game developers, real estate spaces, and crypto platforms annually.

Investors can pledge as little as $10 towards the projects of their choosing, truly making private investing available to everyone.

How Can I Benefit?

All Republic portfolio companies are now eligible to use TaxTaker with exclusive benefits like:

  • Access to free estimates
  • A locked in fee rate for life (regardless of how large the tax credit becomes)
  • Live tracking of ongoing savings.

We're excited to connect with these startups and help them claim the R&D tax credits owed to them and put them in the best possible position for success. 

And with a similar goal of helping startups reach their highest level of success, we're equally as thrilled to forge a partnership with an organization like Republic who cares about uplifting startup founders as much as we do.

A true startup #dreamteam!

For more information on Republic or to see if you're a fit for investment, visit:

*Must have an active campaign or be an alumni

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