15 Fractional CFO Firms You Should Know if You're a Startup

15 Fractional CFO Firms You Should Know if You're a Startup

Startup seeking fractional CFO expertise? Explore these 15 top specialists perfect for part-time financial support.

By Austen Legler ・ 6 min read
Startups and Business Growth

Everyone knows the importance of a Chief Financial Officer or CFO. A good CFO could mean the difference between early success and costly failure.

CFO’s also advise key stakeholders on critical company decisions, financial reporting and financial operations. A lot of times, a good CFO will take the lead in finding creative ways to fund key business operations.

As a startup founder, you know that finding the perfect CFO - one who understands your business from top to bottom and can maximize long-term value - is essential. But hiring a full-time executive can be daunting - cue Fractional CFOs!

What is a Fractional Executive?

What does fractional CFO mean? A Fractional Executive is an experienced leader who works on your team for a fraction of their time helping them achieve their goals and achieve success without the c-level costs or pushing limits on workloads. 

There are many types of fractional executives but the most popular one is no doubt, the Fractional CFO. 

The Importance of a Fractional CFO

Fractional Chief Financial Officers can give entrepreneurs an edge in understanding financial metrics, making better strategic decisions, and driving growth through improved cash flow management. They also bring the expertise of an experienced professional at a fraction of the cost, giving growing businesses access to high caliber professionals without breaking the bank.

Outsourcing a CFO on a fractional basis allows startups to add an experienced CFO to their team without breaking the budget.

A fractional CFO offers the knowledge and expertise of a high-end CFO at a portion of the cost. Not all companies need 2,000 hours from a full-time CFO every year. 

With fractional leadership, you only pay for what you need, and (depending on who you use) they may also be able to provide fractional resources for other financial tasks, such as bookkeeping.

At TaxTaker, partnership is the foundation of our company - we love bringing good people together. Since one of our highest requests for referrals are fractional CFOs, and because they are one of our favorite partners, we wanted to share some of our highly recommended fractional CFOs and what makes them special.

Located in Menlo Park, California, Launch Finance is a woman-owned financial services firm serving startups at all stages of growth specializing in Venture Capital, Private Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions and Initial Public Offering (IPO) support. If you're looking for a female fractional CFO, look no further!

Headquartered in Providence, RI, GrowthLab offers Finance-as-a-Service of (FAAS) and is an absolute master in Unique Workflow Automation to help find integrations that work around specific workflows to help save time. Growthlab is a part of Growthlab Ventures and also runs Youtube & Podcast as helpful resources. 

These guys are some of the best at what they do and we can’t recommend them enough!

Punch Financial offers “The Modern Bookkeeping Experience” and can be found in San Francisco, CA. Specializing in Startup Tech and SAAS, Punch uses cutting edge technology and financial processes to help streamline their clients bookkeeping while simultaneously reducing their costs.

Punch even helped to accelerate the growth of Honey, purchased by PayPal for $4B and dubbed ‘the missing piece of their puzzle’. 

FullSend Finance is a company that provides a unique approach to financial planning and investment management. Their product offerings include personalized financial planning, investment management, and tax services, all aimed at helping clients reach their financial goals while minimizing risk and maximizing returns. What sets FullSend Finance apart is their focus on using cutting-edge technology and data-driven strategies to provide tailored financial solutions for each individual client.

BrightBal really shakes things up from the typical accounting setup. Launched in 2018, they introduce a flexible staffing model that grows with your startup. No need to hire full-time folks when you don't need them all the time, right? BrightBal lets you scale your financial expertise up or down depending on your current needs, helping you keep costs down and avoid overworking your team. It's a smart, adaptable way to manage your finances.

Mighty Startup is headquartered in Boston, MA even offers Outsourced Finance Services for CFOs (for fulltime and fractional CFOs) to make their job easier. They support angel investors, VCs, and PE firms to improve the financial infrastructure of their portfolio.

With a focus on SaaS startups, Mighty provides sound advice founded on their experiences, industry-standards, and the leading information trends 

In New Orleans, LA, Countabl work with your existing software and technology partners that you already use to seamlessly integrate their expertise into your business.

They can even analyze your techstack & integrations to help improve business efficiency.

Next Round CFO are our local neighbors in Austin, TX, offering tech-forward, white glove service to Seed and Series A Software-as-a Service (SaaS) companies to help optimize cash flow and accelerate growth.

Watch out for these guys, they’re going places!

Cherry Hill Advisory stands out in the financial consulting arena with their "Big 4" training and a commitment to continuous learning, which means they're always on top of the latest in laws, risks, and technology. Whether you're a startup, a nonprofit, or a Fortune 500, they tailor their services to add value precisely where your organization needs it most. Their approach ensures that they're not just consultants; they're key partners in your growth.

Ziegler & Associates brings a unique blend of heart and expertise to financial consulting. As a boutique firm, they offer seasoned professionals who not only advise but also help transform and execute strategies in finance, operations, and strategy for growth-stage companies. They provide a comprehensive range of services that enable you to focus on building your business while they handle the financial complexities.

Adventum sets itself apart with a team of highly trained and experienced financial and management professionals, each with C-suite experience spanning multiple industries. Understanding that financial experts are crucial yet costly, Adventum focuses on providing emerging companies with cost-effective financial solutions and leadership. Their passion is in helping these companies excel by offering the strategic planning and visibility needed to unlock their full potential.

Astero Group is revolutionizing the virtual CFO experience for entrepreneurs tired of wrestling with their finances. They combine sharp financial expertise with savvy communication skills to transform complex data into clear, actionable insights, all while using the latest technology to automate tasks and enhance efficiency. With Astero, you get personalized, top-tier financial management designed to free you up to smash your business goals, all at a fraction of the cost of an in-house CFO

Startup Tandem offers a unique consulting approach to help business owners scale from startup to enterprise, providing services like COO, tax, CFO consulting, and accounting. They stand out with their fixed-price model, allowing businesses to access more value without the worry of billable hours. This approach not only enhances service quality but also ensures clients get maximum benefit from their partnership with Startup Tandem.

AVL Growth Partners is dedicated to driving mindful growth for startups and high-growth companies by offering top-notch fractional CFO services and finance and accounting expertise. Their unique Mindful Growth Methodology combines proven strategies, deep dedication to clients, and an expert team to deliver financial solutions that inspire confidence in investors and make AVL a trusted advisor to founders and CEOs. With AVL, entrepreneurs can focus on growth, knowing their financial strategy is in expert hands.

Ignition Consultants acts as your strategic CFO, managing and leading the finance function day-to-day, handling core functions while overseeing bookkeepers. They also provide crucial coaching and strategic advice to CEOs and CFOs, offering guidance and acting as a sounding board for key financial decisions. Specializing in helping tech companies and startups, Ignition Consultants aids in developing robust business plans and financial models, and establishing processes that allow CEOs and founders to focus on scaling their business effectively.

Know other fractional CFOs who should be on the list? We love making new connections.

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