Inspiring Conversations & Connections: Austin Galentine's 2023 Recap

Inspiring Conversations & Connections: Austin Galentine's 2023 Recap

Experience Galentine's in Austin! Connect with female founders through food, drinks, art, music, and inspiring conversations.

By Ari Salafia ・ 2 min read
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Reflecting on the Galentine's Event we co-hosted with FIESTA at the West Chelsea Contemporary, I am filled with gratitude and inspiration. On February 6th, we brought together a group of 150 female founders and friends in Austin, Texas for an evening of food, drinks, art, music, and most importantly, meaningful conversations.

At the heart of this event was the goal of connecting and building relationships between these incredible women. In a world where female entrepreneurs and leaders often face unique challenges and obstacles, it was an honor to provide a space where they could come together and support one another.

The West Chelsea Contemporary provided the perfect backdrop for our event, with its museum-worthy exhibitions featuring world-renowned, modern, and emerging artists. The art and music added an extra layer of magic to the evening, providing inspiration and conversation starters for all those in attendance.

As the night unfolded, we broke out into sixteen breakout groups, where we were able to go deep fast and learn about what each other’s superpowers were, what challenges we were going through, and what resources or introductions would be helpful post-event. 

It was truly a privilege to hear the personal stories of these women and to see the passion and drive that they bring to their businesses. Their experiences, challenges, and triumphs were both humbling and inspiring. It was an incredible reminder of the power of community and the importance of supporting one another, especially for female entrepreneurs.  Because ultimately building or supporting the growth of a business is hard, and I am a big believer that quality connections can overcome most challenges.  By forming supportive networks, women can lift each other up, create stronger communities, and pave the way for brighter futures.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to host this event together with Cherie Werner of FIESTA, and to bring these amazing women together. I can't wait for the next one and the continued opportunity to support and connect with female founders in Austin. To all the attendees, thank you for making the Galentine's Event such a memorable and inspiring evening. This will no doubt have to be an annual gathering!

P.S. Have a female-focused event or group we should know about or highlight? Let us know! We’d love to spotlight you.

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Ari Salafia
Co-founder & CEO

Ari Salafia is CEO of TaxTaker. She's passionate about helping innovative companies and founders save millions on taxes through government incentive programs. Through her work at TaxTaker, Ari continues to inspire and empower businesses to maximize their savings potential.

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