AaDya Security

Introducing Raffaele Mautone, Founder & CEO of Aadya Security Inc. Based out of Detroit, Michigan, AaDya Security offers 24/7 cybersecurity protection through machine-learning and AI-driven security capabilities, helping small and midsize businesses work safer, smarter and spend less.

Raffaele Mautone

Tell us about your business and who your customers are?

AaDya collaborates with Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), and resellers, offering an accessible and scalable all-in-one cybersecurity protection solution designed to safeguard your customers' valuable data. Our comprehensive approach not only ensures the security of their information but also empowers end-users with the knowledge and tools needed to fully utilize this cost-effective and user-friendly cybersecurity solution.

How did you get started?

Exploring the realm of cybersecurity from the perspective of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) presents a remarkable opportunity. It's akin to sketching out a visionary concept on the back of a napkin, where the potential to address cybersecurity challenges within this sector becomes abundantly clear.

Anything you can share about TaxTaker and our work?

Working alongside this exceptional team for the past three years has been an incredible journey filled with growth, camaraderie, and shared achievements. Their dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence have consistently made every moment of our collaboration truly rewarding.

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