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Tax Credit Financing

Don’t wait for tax season to invest your tax credit. Cash in your credits now through TaxTaker’s Tax Credit Financing.
Tax Credit financing is an advance of your tax credit so you can get back your money faster.
The IRS may take 3-12 months to process and deliver your credit. We understand that your business could benefit greatly from receiving your tax credit sooner.
TaxTaker collects a service fee only if you qualify for a tax credit. Our full fee is due upon completion of services. Your tax credit advance may also be used to pay for TaxTaker’s services.
TaxTaker has partnered with to help your business tap into your funds sooner every year.

With TaxTaker x Alternative Tax Credit financing, you actually get more credit upfront than anywhere else.

What would an additional $50k, $250k, $500k mean to your business today?

"They are super knowledgeable. Working with the team at TaxTaker, we had 0 problems and we ended up saving a ton!"
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a tax credit financing?

Currently ,TaxTaker makes advances on previously filed or estimated eligible R&D Tax Credits and/or Employee Retention Credits.

How soon can I get my money?

Once we determine you qualify, as soon as a few business days!  TaxTaker Tax Credit Financing is powered by our amazing partner,, and may be subject to some traditional underwriting criteria.

Do I still get my tax credits?

YES!  You get the credits you've filed for AND and advance.  A double-win!

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