Startups and the R&D Tax Credit

What you need to know

Startups spend 6.2% on every W-2 salaried employee each year in employer FICA taxes (Social Security Portion)...that's $6200 for every $100k spent.

Startups engaging in R&D with less than 5 years and under $5 million in gross receipts can apply for R&D credits against those taxes. That same $100k salary could yield $6-$10k in credits!

Eligible expenses come from the Startups U.S. based: W-2 employees, Contractors, Prototypical Supplies, and Cloud Computing Costs.

The two biggest reasons why eligible Startups do not claim eligible credits are Time and Cost for an R&D  study. 

Now there's a better solution! TaxTaker's automated, cloud-based solution is a powerfully accurate alternative to the standard R&D study model, helping clients save time and maximize tax benefits.

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