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Become a TaxTaker Partner

Whether you manage your clients' taxes, advise upon financial strategies, or know companies that could benefit, partnering with TaxTaker will provide on the spot savings opportunities. 

Ways we partner
Traditional CPA Firms, Cloud Accountants & Bookkeepers
Financial Advisors &
Outsourced CFOs

It's likely that your clients are looking for methods of tax relief.  Let's discuss how we can sync with your existing resources.

You might be the first person recommending specialty tax services to your clients.  Let us help equip you with the knowledge and support you need to offer lucrative benefits to your clients.

Got friends that could benefit?  Pass the word on to eligible businesses and reap our referral rewards!

"TaxTaker provides significant value to your existing technology stack.  If you are looking for a competitive advantage, you've found it." -Startup CPA

Additional benefits of a TaxTaker partnership:
  • Reliable and dedicated service

  • Custom private-label branding

  • Favorable wallet-share opportunities

  • Clients save time and money

  • Easy on-boarding and training