Paro customers receive 15% off their first Research and Development study with TaxTaker's automated software.
  • Carta and TaxTaker empower entrepreneurs to focus on spending their time the way they want to: running and growing their business.

  • Now, startups can receive thousands of dollars with the R&D tax credit without sacrificing a significant amount of time and money.

  • With a smarter way of procuring data, startups can quickly recover cash to reinvest in their business.

  • Startups leveraging R&D Tax Credits typically extend their runway by several months, or several years! 

R&D Tax Credit Eligibility Quiz
Determine your Startup's eligibility
The average R&D Tax Credit for Startups is over $35,000!  
Download a copy of TaxTaker's R&D Tax Credit eBook to learn more about the credit.
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