Discover the powerful benefits

Spend less time documenting expenses and more time enjoying the financial benefits of the ongoing funding back to your business.

Import Expenses

Import Payroll and Contractor expenses into your R&D Claim from Gusto in a matter of seconds

Complete Solution

Ensure claims are completed on time, with the confidence that all credit requirements have been fulfilled

Real-time Benefits

Gusto allows it’s customers to claim the Payroll Offset in real-time as opposed to the end of the quarter

Experts On-Demand

Feel confidence when claiming the credit with our over 50 years of combined R&D credit experience

The R&D Tax Credit Program

It’s the government’s way of rewarding your business for making technological investments in developing, designing, or improving upon products, processes, formulas, inventions, and software.


In short, if your business is performing anything innovative – you need to take a look.

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