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The R&D Tax Credit incentive is the government’s way of providing non-dilutive funding to growing companies for their investments into developing and improving products and technologies.


For early-stage Startups, the credit is a tremendous way to boost cash flow and extend runway for their first five years of business, regardless of if they are generating revenue or not. Eligible Startups can leverage can apply this funding to their employer payroll tax liabilities-up to  $250,000 annually!


Again, while revenue is a great indicator of business success, the R&D credit has more to do with expenses incurred internally every year, as opposed to how much revenue you’re generating…and then a CTA to book a meeting.


Payroll Tax Runway Calculator

Estimate your R&D Tax Credit to determine eligible amount of Payroll Credit Savings
1. Do you develop products or software in the US?
2. What was your payroll for your engineers, designers, developers in 2019?
3. How much did you spend on US-based individual or business contractors in 2019?
4. What were your estimated cloud costs in 2019?
5. If you develop hardware, what were your supply costs for prototypes in 2019?
Annual Payroll Tax (FICA) Liabilites:

Estimated Amount of R&D Tax Credit Savings

Months of Payroll Taxes Eliminated